Ranking of Counterfeit Goods by Losses

The losses and economic impact of each counterfeit product is based upon publicly available information and is listed in US Dollars. The source for the individual financial losses is available by clicking on the value. For additional information on the counterfeit good, click on the name of the counterfeit.

Ranking of Counterfeit Goods


  1. Counterfeit Drugs$200 Billion
  2. Counterfeit Electronics$169 Billion
  3. Software Piracy$63 Billion
  4. Counterfeit Foods$49 Billion
  5. Counterfeit Auto Parts$45 Billion
  6. Counterfeit Toys$34 Billion
  7. Music Piracy$12.5 Billion
  8. Fake Shoes$12 Billion
  9. Counterfeit Clothing$12 Billion
  10. Cable Piracy$8.5 Billion
  11. Video Game Piracy$8.1 Billion
  12. Counterfeit Sporting Goods$6.5 Billion
  13. Counterfeit Pesticides$5.8 Billion
  14. Mobile Entertainment Piracy$3.4 Billion
  15. Counterfeit Cosmetics$3.0 Billion
  16. Movie Piracy$2.5 Billion
  17. Counterfeit Aircraft Parts$2 Billion
  18. Counterfeit Weapons$1.8 Billion
  19. Counterfeit Watches$1 Billion
  20. Fake Diplomas and Degrees$1 Billion
  21. Book Piracy$0.6 Billion ($600 Million)
  22. Counterfeit IDs and Passports$0.1 Billion ($100 Million)
  23. Counterfeit Money$0.081 Billion ($81 Million)
  24. Counterfeit Purses$0.07 Billion ($70 Million)
  25. Counterfeit Lighters$0.042 Billion ($42 Million)
  26. Counterfeit Batteries$0.023 Billion ($23 Million)