Amount of Cocaine Produced in the World

Based on the most recent available data published in the 2013 World Drug Report, the United Nations estimates that up to 155,600 hectares of land was devoted to cocaine cultivation around the world in 2011. The number was roughly in line with the global estimates from 2010, but 14 percent lower from the 2007 estimates, and 30 percent lower from the 2000 world estimates.

Out of the total areas available for cultivation, between 776 tons to 1,051 tons of pure cocaine was manufactured.

In terms of cocaine seizures, Colombia seized 200 tons of cocaine during 2011, followed by the United States which seized 94 tons of cocaine.

(Price of cocaine around the world.)

Source: ¬†United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, “World Drug Report 2013,” Executive Summary, June 2013, page x.