Business Risk

Risk assessments and threat intelligence on business risks that can impact corporations or businesses. Information about money laundering, corruption and other threats to business operations.

42,000 people die every year in Russia from drinking counterfeit alcohol

Source: Steven Eke, “Fake Russian alcohol ‘kills many’”, BBC News, June 23, 2006.

A counterfeit bottle of alcohol is offered as low as $0.60 in Russia.

Source: Associated Press, “Russian Cabinet member urges action against counterfeit alcohol as death toll climbs,” International Herald Tribune, October 27, 2006, (accessed: October 27, 2006).

2 percent of the 26 million aircraft parts installed in planes are counterfeit. This translate into 520,000 parts that are estimated to be counterfeit. Source: Anti-Counterfeiting Group, “The Extent of Counterfeiting,” 2004, (accessed: June 7, 2005).

Germany loses up to $45 Billion a year from tax evasion activities.

Source: Stephanie Castle, “EU begins crackdown against ‘tax paradises’,” New York Times, March 4, 2008.

According to estimates provided by the World Bank Institute, over $1 Trillion is paid in bribes around the world each year.

Source: “The Costs of Corruption,” World Bank News and Broadcasts, April 8, 2004.


Switzerland workers who do not properly pay taxes and report their earnings costs the Swiss economy $35 Million (39 Million Swiss Francs) a year.

Source: “Moonlighting crackdown to recover lost revenue,” swissinfo, November 29, 2007.


In the first part of 2007, Custom officials in Finland seized about 140,000 doses of counterfeit drugs.

Officials believe that a majority of the fake drugs are passed through Finland an on to the world black market.

Source: “Counterfeit medicines pass through Finland to world markets,” Helsingin Sanomat, June 14, 2007.

Hundred of millions of dollars are believed to be lost to counterfeit Cuban cigars annually.

Source: Doreen Hemlock, “Beware of cigar imposters” , South Florida Sun-Sentinel, April 9, 2006.


The Nepalese music industry losses an estimated $5.6 Million a year to music piracy.

Source: Asian News International, “Nepalese music industry losing millions to piracy,”, December 7, 2006.