Substance Abuse

Information and statistics about substance abuse around the world. Statistics also includes drug addiction rates, drug trafficking information, and sales and prices of the illegal drug trade.

Opium farmers in Afghanistan earn an estimated $500 million annually.

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Federal authorities in the US seized $1.6 Billion from drug trafficking operations on the US-Mexico border in 2007.

The $1.6 billion is out of a total $12 billion that is estimated to be smuggled over the border.


There were 615,000 first-time users of ecstasy in 2005, and 860,000 first-time users in 2006.


In March 2007, Mexican authorities raided a villa and seized $207 Million in cash. Most of the bills were in $100 denominations and weighed a total of 4,500 pounds. Also included in the raid was 200,000 Euros and 158,000 Pesos. The seizure is the largest cash seizure on record.

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According to the United Nations, 208 million people or 4.9 percent of the world’s population aged 15 to 64 used drugs at least once in the last 12 months.



Drug trafficking by the Mexican drug cartels brings in as much as $23 Billion a year in revenue, according to the United States Government Accountability Office.


A 1998 study stated that people in China spend an estimate $17 Billion on illegal drugs each year.


Consumers in the United States spend $65 Billion a year on purchasing illegal drugs.


90 percent of the guns seized in Mexico’s are from the United States.


Drug smugglers bring in between 530 tons to 710 tons of cocaine into the United States from Mexico each year.

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