Substance Abuse

Information and statistics about substance abuse around the world. Statistics also includes drug addiction rates, drug trafficking information, and sales and prices of the illegal drug trade.

In the 2006 World Drug Report, the UN estimates the area of opium poppy cultivation in Myanmar to be at 32,800 hectares. The total estimated production of opium in 2005 was estimated at 312 metric tons.

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According to the United Nations, Afghanistan was the world’s biggest supplier of cannabis in 2007.

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90 percent of the world’s opium supply was produced by Afghanistan in 2007, according to the UN.

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In early 2008, the Taliban was earning $100 Million in revenue by taxing opium farmers in Afghanistan.

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In an article about Afghanistan‘s drug eradication program in The New Yorker, writer Jon Lee Anderson reported on the price difference for farmers harvesting opium. According to interviews with local Afghan farmers, a farmer is able to receive “about thirty-three dollars from an acre of wheat, and between five hundred and seven hundred dollars from an acre of poppies.”

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A worker harvesting opium in Afghanistan is able to earn $12 a day, compared to $2 a day for harvesting wheat. Reporter Elizabeth Rubin, writing for the New York Times Magazine, reported that certain schools in Afghanistan are closed in part “because teachers and students were busy harvesting the crop”.


The United Nations reported that in 2007, the opium harvest in Afghanistan rose 38 percent over the previous year. 8,200 metric tons of opium was harvested in 2007, up from 6,100 tons in 2006.

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The black market opium trade represents approximately one-third of Afghanistan‘s GDP, according to the 2007 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report.

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According to the United States Department of State, “The annual revenue from illicit drug trafficking in Russia was estimated to be $15 billion.”

Source: 2007 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, “Europe and Central Asia: Russia,” United States Department of State.

According to the United Nations, the total potential production of the opium market in Myanmar was valued at $120 million in 2007.

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Source: United Nations, “Fact Sheet-South East Asia Opium Surveys 2007,” October 10, 2007,