China Prostitution and AIDS

in Transnational Crime

There are around 5 million prostitutes in China.

According to surveys of the sex workers, 50 percent take protection and use a condom with every customer.

In the northern city of Tianjian, 17 percent of the prostitutes are infected with syphilis and 50 percent use a condom with every client.

With only half of the country’s sex workers using condom, health workers are concerned that HIV/AIDS spreading quickly through customers and infected prostitutes. According to the United Nations, heterosexual sex is the leading cause of AIDS transmission in China. 46.5 percent of new infections in 2011 were from heterosexual sex.

Heterosexual sex is the leading cause of AIDS transmission in China, according to the United Nations. 28 percent of all people living with HIV and AIDS in China are women.

Source:  “Prostitution and AIDS: In need of more protection,” The Economist, January 30, 2014.

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