Counterfeit Medical Devices Market Value: $7 Billion

in Counterfeit Goods

Based on the following sources, Havocscope has calculated the estimated losses to counterfeit medical devices to be $7 Billion.


Counterfeit medical devices represents between 6 to 8 percent of the medical devices market.

Source:  Elizabeth Engler Modic, “Medical Device Counterfeiting Harms Many,” Today’s Medical Development, June 2009, and Jayant Singh, “Phase out the Fakes,, April 4, 2008.

Size of medical devices market in the United States: $100 Billion.

Source:  Jim Austin, Terry Fadem and Paul J.H. Shoemaker, “A Look into the Future of the U.S. Medical Device Markets,” Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry, January 2009.

Taking the median of 7 percent, 7 percent of $100 billion is $7 Billion.

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