Hundred of millions of dollars are believed to be lost to counterfeit Cuban cigars annually.

Source: Doreen Hemlock, “Beware of cigar imposters” , South Florida Sun-Sentinel, April 9, 2006.


In the late 1990s, 90 percent of illegal immigrants in the US from Mexico were believed to have paid a human smuggler to guide them over the border.

Source: Ken Ellingwood, Hard Line: Life and Death on the U.S.-Mexico border, (New York: Pantheon, 2004). Page 85.


Illegal drug exports by North Korea generates $500 Million for the state, making it the world’s third largest opium trafficker and the world’s sixth largest heroin trafficker.

(More heroin statistics here.)

Source: Ah-Young Kim, “End North Korea’s Drug Trade,” PacNet, No.26, Pacific Forum CSIS, June 6, 2003.

The Nepalese music industry losses an estimated $5.6 Million a year to music piracy.

Source: Asian News International, “Nepalese music industry losing millions to piracy,”, December 7, 2006.


50 percent of all perfumes and cosmetics sold in Russia are counterfeit products, according to deputy minister of economic development and trade back in 2003.

Source: “Counterfeit cosmetics challenge market,” Cosmetics Design, November 28, 2003.