Extortion of Japanese Companies

In a national survey of companies in Japan, 11.7 percent of those companies reported to receiving extortion attempts from Japanese Organized Crime syndicates.

Out of 2,885 companies that responded to the survey, 337 companies stated that they received an extortion demand during their business history. 185 companies said that the demand came within during the 2011-2012 time period.

(Statistics on organized crime activities worldwide.)

Of the 337 companies that received an extortion demand, 62 companies paid either part of the demand or all of it, a rate of 18.4 percent.

The extortion demands by the syndicates involved demanding money, product discounts, or to buy items to solve fake problems and issues created by the gang.

At last count, the number of Yakuza members in Japan in 2010 was at 80,900.

The survey was conducted by the National Police Agency, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and other organizations.

Source:  “Survey: Yakuza extorted 18% of companies,” Daily Yomiuri, November 17, 2012.