European Football Match Fixing

In February 2013, Europol announced that it has discovered an international organized crime syndicate that was match fixing European Football games.

Police discovered that up to 380 matches played across Europe was fixed for illegal gambling purposes. The matches included World Cup Qualifiers, European Championship qualifies, two Champions League times and other top matches. The matches took place in 15 different countries.

Europol believes that a crime syndicate in Asia was behind the ring.

Up to $21.6 Million (€16 Million) in bets were placed on the fixed matches, with the criminals receiving $10.8 Million (€8 Million) in profits. The gamblers paid out $2.7 Million (€2 Million) in bribes to participants who were involved. Up to 425 match officials, club officials and players are believed to have been involved.

(More match fixing statistics.)

Source:  “Europol: investigators identify 380 fixed football matches,” Guardian, February 4, 2013.