Marijuana Shipments from California

In a report by Planet Money of NPR, a Special Agent with the California Department of Justice stated that an estimated 1 in 15 packages that are being shipped out of the State of California is filled with marijuana that was grown in the state.

Officials say the cause for the increase in marijuana being shipped out of state is due to the increase in cultivation from medical marijuana growers.

The Planet Money team also interviewed a marijuana dealer who moved out of California due to the high levels of competition and difficulty in making a profit. As of May 2013, the dealer was selling an eight of an ounce of marijuana in New York City for $60. Back in California, that same eight would probably be sold for $30 to $45.

(Marijuana prices by country.)

Source:  Marianne McCune, “Go East, Young Marijuana Dealer,” NPR, Planet Money, May 22, 2013.