Medical Marijuana Violations in Canada

Over 30,000 people in Canada are authorized to use marijuana for medical purposes.

In 2010, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) found that 70 medical marijuana license holders were violating their agreement. Out of the 70, the RCMP found that in 40 of the cases the individual was trafficking marijuana for profit.

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In a declassified intelligence report, the RCMP stated that marijuana users were using a family member without a criminal conviction to obtain the medical license, and that organized crime groups were using associates to obtain licenses.  One case highlighted by the RCMP found that an individual with a medical marijuana license was growing up to 80 kilograms a year and producing marijuana worth $618,000 (650,000 Canadian) a year.

In a separate media report, another individual stated that he made about $114,000 (120,000 CAD) a year selling the marijuana that he cultivated from his medical marijuana license.

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Source:  Jim Bronskill, “Medical marijuana: Crime networks exploiting Canada’s program, RCMP says,” Toronto Star, July 3, 2013.