More Poppy Eradicated in Mexico Than Marijuana in 2012

Security officials in Mexico eradicated 40 percent more poppy crops than marijuana crops in 2012.

12,347 hectares of poppy was eradicated in 2012, compared to 8,670 hectares of marijuana. Back in 2007, marijuana was being destroyed at  a 50 percent rate higher than poppy, with 22,965 hectares of marijuana destroyed compared to 11,393 hectares of poppy.

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In the decrease in the trafficking of marijuana has also been dropping when looking at the seizure rates. In 2007, authorities seized 2,068 tons of marijuana in 2007, and 1,154 tons in 2012. Heroin seizures rose from 124 kilos in 2007 to 3,716 kilos in 2012.

7 percent of the world heroin market is supplied by Mexico.

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Source: ¬†Marguerite Cawley “40% More Poppy Grown in Mexico than Marijuana: Govt,” Insight Crime, April 3, 2013.