Price Paid to Teenage Hitmen in Mexico

According to a report by the International Crisis Group, child hit men recruited and trained by Mexican Drug Cartels are paid $78 (1,000 Mexican Pesos) to commit a murder. One four-teen year old boy who was interviewed on television stated that he had decapitated four people.

Teenagers who work for the drug cartels are able to make between $390 to $468 (5,000 to 6,000 Pesos) per two-week pay period. They are outfitted with Uzis, Ar-15 rifles, and 9 mm handguns and are charged with killing targets.  In comparison, if a  minor working in Mexico were to work in regular job, the teen would be paid about $298 (3,800 Pesos) per month.

Source:  “Pena Nieto’s Challenge: Criminal Cartels and Rule of Law in Mexico,” International Crisis Group, Latin American Report No.48, March 19, 2013.