Revenue and Customers of Sex Trafficking in Ireland

A report published by the European Commission found that up to $344 Million (€250 Million) in revenue is generated from sex trafficking in Ireland each year. (Note: This amount is the same amount that was reported last year as the total revenue generated from prostitution in Ireland.)

An estimated 1,000 women are available for sale due to human trafficking in Ireland at any given moment, according to the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

Based on surveys of customers of the sex trade, around 92 percent of the men who visit prostitutes are over the age of 45. The men also earn over $27,000 (€20,000) in wages per year.

(More prices of human trafficking victims around the world.)

Source:  “Sex-buyers mostly well-educated, 42yrs+ men in relationships, study finds,” Irish Examiner, March 27, 2014.