Rhino Horn Valuation

In an article in the Guardian, a museum valued a stuffed Rhino head at $81,000 (50,000 British Pounds) as an artifact for insurance purposes.

That same rhino head, which was stolen from the museum, can be sold on the black market for its medicinal use in China for $325,000 (200,000 British Pounds).

In a span of six months in 2011, 20 cases of rhino horn theft from museums have been reported to police across Europe.

The value of a kilogram of rhino horn sold illegally was reported to be $97,000 (60,000 British Pounds) in August of 2011, almost double the price of $57,000 (35,000 British Pounds) at the start of 2011.

(All endangered animals prices.)

Source: Esther Addley, “Epidemic of UK rhino horn thefts linked to one criminal gang,” Guardian, August 8, 2011.