Alcohol Smuggling

News and statistics about the illegal alcohol trade. Smuggling of alcohol to evade taxes, modern day bootlegging, and data about counterfeit alcohol and sprits is collected from security agencies, criminal justice programs and other public sources.

Counterfeit alcohol makes up to 40 percent of all alcohol sales in Russia.

Source: Food and Drink, “Russia plagued by counterfeit goods,” October 31, 2004.

42,000 people die every year in Russia from drinking counterfeit alcohol

Source: Steven Eke, “Fake Russian alcohol ‘kills many’”, BBC News, June 23, 2006.

A counterfeit bottle of alcohol is offered as low as $0.60 in Russia.

Source: Associated Press, “Russian Cabinet member urges action against counterfeit alcohol as death toll climbs,” International Herald Tribune, October 27, 2006, (accessed: October 27, 2006).