Book Piracy

News, statisitics and facts about book piracy. Data about downloading pirated ebooks and the selling and buying of pirated books are collected from publishing agents, book publishing companies and security agencies.

As of July 2009, book piracy on e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle has not caused a large impact on sales.  This comes from an Associated Press report that states, “Piracy has been one concern for rights holders, although illegal works have yet to have a measurable impact on sales.”


In one month, textbook publisher John Wiley & Sons sent 5,000 notices to various websites asking them to take down pirated copies of their books from the site.

Similarly, one single website was offering over 5,000 college textbooks in PDFs.


Below is the estimated losses faced by each country to book piracy.  The figures is the most current data for book piracy from the International Intellectual Property Alliance.

Country Market Value
1 Pakistan 55 Million
2 China 52 Million
3 Philippines 49 Million
4 South Korea 44 Million
5 Russia 42 Million
6 Mexico 41 Million
7 India 38 Million
8 Thailand 37 Million
9 Indonesia 32 Million
9 Egypt 32 Million
11 Turkey 20 Million
11 Italy 20 Million
13 Brazil 18 Million
14 Vietnam 17 Million
15 Taiwan 16 Million
16 Saudi Arabia 10 Million
17 Peru 9 Million
17 Malaysia 9 Million
19 Nigeria 8 Million
19 Bangladesh 8 Million
21 Colombia 6 Million
22 Poland 5 Million
22 Cambodia 5 Million
24 Hungary 4 Million
24 Argentina 4 Million
26 South Africa 3 Million
26 Laos 3 Million
28 Singapore 2 Million
28 Romania 2 Million
28 Ecuador 2 Million
31 Israel 1 Million
31 Chile 1 Million

Internet piracy in the United Kingdom is responsible for half of all Internet traffic in the country. 7 million people are estimated to access illegal downloads each year. The piracy of movies, music, books, software and video games is valued at $19 Billion (12 Billion British Pounds).


Book piracy in Myanmar causes the book industry in the country to lose $4 Million a year.


Book piracy is the unauthorized copying and distribution of books that are protected by copyright.

US Book Publishers lost an estimated $600 million to book piracy in 2006.


Piracy in Russia in 2007 caused losses in excess of $1.4 Billion for US copyright industries, such as movies, music and books.


Book piracy, movie piracy, software piracy and music piracy caused a total loss of $156 Million in Pakistan in 2007.


Pirated books account for up to 30 percent of space in most bookstores in the capital city of Kathmandu.


In 1985, the estimated losses from pirated books around the world was $1 Million.