1. Brunei $0.039 Billion ($39 Million)

  2. Black Market Crime in Brunei

Brunei Security Threats

Data and information about security threats from Brunei’s black market. Intelligence and security data collected from government agencies, news articles and other public information sources.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reported in 2011 that methamphetamine was the most widely used drug in the following Asian countries:

Brunei, Cambodia, Japan, Laos, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand.

(See more meth addiction facts and statistics.)

Source:  Andrew R.C. Marshall, “Special Report: In Mekong, Chinese murders and bloody diplomacy,” Reuters, January 27, 2012.

Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing off the shores of Brunei costs the fishing industry to lose $13 Million a year in revenue.

Source: Ubaidillah Masli and Bandar Seri Begawan, “Over $13m in fisheries resources lost to illegal fishing,” Brunei Times, July 27, 2011.

Illegal logging in Brunei lead to over $1 Million in losses in 2009.

Source: Brunei Times, “Organised crime hurting Brunei forests,” Asia One, February 13, 2011.


Music piracy in Brunei made up 99 percent of the music market in 2009. Back in 1997, the music piracy rate was estimated to be 5 percent.

Source:  The Brunei Times/Asia, “Music piracy soars to 99%,” AsiaOne, August 22, 2009.