Child Trafficking

Human trafficking activities in Mongolia creates 3,000 to 5,000 victims of human trafficking each year. The majority of the victims are women and children who end up forced to work in various prostitution markets worldwide.

Mongolian victims are trafficked to countries as far away as Germany, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates.


Children are illegally sold  in China at prices between $1,000 and $5,850 (7,000 yuan to 40,000 yuan), with the price varying to factors such as age and sex.

Children are bought and sold for various reasons.  Boys may be sold to beggar gangs or families with no boys, while girls may be sold to poor men who are unable to find a wife in their village.

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Between 200 to 300 adolescents and teenagers are working as prostitutes in the US city of Atlanta each month, according to the Juvenile Justice Funds.



Roughly 2 million women and children fall victims to human trafficking around the world every year, with up to 30 percent of the victims coming from Asia.

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About 70 percent of all women and children who are victims of human trafficking are bought and sold for the purpose of sexual activities, such as working as prostitutes.


Human trafficking of children in the United Kingdom causes up to five children every week to go missing from airports and ports around the country.

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Human traffickers bought and sold at least 150 children in the past several years in Iraq.

According to the Guardian, the victims of child trafficking are being sold by traffickers at prices between $300 to $5,500.

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According to the United Nations, at any given time there are 2.5 million victims of human trafficking around the world.

Out of the total number of victims, 1.2 million are victims of child trafficking.


The average age of a child prostitute’s first sex act in the United States is between 10 to 14.

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300,000 children in Nigeria are victims of human trafficking as the are either given or sold by their parents to wealthier families in the country. The US State Department finds that many are forced to labor under difficult conditions and experience sexual abuse.