Child Trafficking

Security officials and other anti-trafficking organizations estimate that up to 12,000 children in Nepal are victims of child trafficking each year.

The children, mainly girls, are primarily trafficked to supply the prostitution trade in Nepal or at brothels in India and other Southeast Asian countries.

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Security officials and criminal justice programs estimates that up to 20,000 children are victims of child trafficking in Mexico each year.

The primarily reason that the children are trafficked is to supply bodies for the prostitution industry.

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Human traffickers in India have such a huge supply of children that the costs to sell a child is lower than farm animals.

According to a report in Reuters, child trafficking victims end up in forced labor conditions or as commercial sex workers by the traffickers who bought them.

In an example of how abundant the supply of children is, the report stated that children who are sold by human traffickers are sold for $12 to $45. By comparison, buffaloes are sold for up to $350.

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Child trafficking within Colombia is estimated to impact between 6,000 to 11,000 children each year.

The children who become victims of human trafficking are forced to become child soldiers and other forced labor conditions.

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1.2 million children are estimated to have been victims of human trafficking and forced into labor around the world.

The human traffickers who broker the sale of children make an estimated $15 Billion a year.

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A report from Shared Hope International has found that in a single month more than 400 children were working as prostitutes in Las Vegas.

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Source: Associated Press, “Report labels Las Vegas a hub of child sexual trafficking,” Seattle Times, March 25, 2008.