Child Trafficking

The Ministry of Public Security officially reported that there were 5,900 cases of child trafficking in China in 2010.

Outside experts believe the number to be higher.

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Source: Tania Branigan, ” China trafficking crackdown leads to rescue of 178 children,” Guardian, December 7, 2011.

An NGO reported in 2011 that it has identified around 620 teenagers who are working as prostitutes in Israel. The organization, Elem, previously reported finding 126 teenage prostitutes in 2010 and said that the higher number was due to stepped up efforts.

75 percent of the minors were girls, 20 percent were boys, and the remaining 5 percent were transgender. The youngest prostitutes that were identified were 12.
Source: Dana Weiler-Polak, “NGO says teenage prostitution worsening in Israel,” Haaretz, November 28, 2011.

Between April 2009 and November 2011, authorities in Scotland identified 74 people who were victims of human trafficking, with 19 victims being children.

Source: Reevel Alderson, “Inquiry report calls for new approach on trafficking,” BBC News, November 28, 2011.


Street gang MS-13 was operating an underage prostitution ring where girls as young as 12 were working as prostitutes. Men would pay between $40 to $100 for 15 to 30 minuets of sex. The price for the sex was depending on how young the girl was, with sex with younger girls costing more. A gang member who acted as the pimp would carry a machete in order to ensure that the customer paid and was not violent with the girl.

A majority of the girls were runaways, with gang members recruiting them at school, parties or through mutual friends.

The MS-13 gang has between 1,500 to 3,000 members active in the Washington D.C. area.

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Source: Del Quentin Wilber, “MS-13 gang is branching into underage prostitution, authorities say,” Washington Post, November 13, 2011.

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Police in China shut down a baby trafficking ring in eastern China were at least 17 babies were known to have been sold.

The baby boys were being sold for $$7,887 (50,000 Yuan), while girls were being sold for $4,732 (30,000 Yuan). The news report stated that the prices received for the babies are higher then the annual earnings that the families would receive from farming.

Source: Associated Press, “China baby-trafficking ring is shut down,” Guardian, November 4, 2011.

According to a human trafficking victim support organization in Romania, 70 percent of the women being trafficked between 1999 and 2003 were over the age of 18, with 30 percent of the girls being minors.

In 2011, the organization reported that the percentage has switched, with 70 percent of the victims in their care were now under the age of 18.

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Source: Paul Ciocoiu, “Human trafficking in Romania — low risk, high income business,”, October 31, 2011.

Out of the 202 children identified in the United Kingdom as victims of human trafficking in the first 9 months of 2011, over 25 percent of the children were trafficked for sexual purposes. Most of the children were between the ages of 14 to 16, and were mostly female.

67 children were from Africa, 63 children were from Asia, 50 were from Eastern Europe and 22 were from other areas of the world.

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Source: “Children trafficked for ‘sex work and drug production’,” BBC News, October 18, 2011.

In 2011, an estimated 10,000 children in the United Kingdom were being sexually exploited by groups of men or gangs. The children were believed to be given gifts in order to attract the child, and then passed along between members of the group.

A survey previously found that in 33 local authorities out of 144, over 1,000 children were being sexually exploited in a single day.

Source: “‘Thousands of children’ sexually exploited by gangs,” BBC News, October 13, 2011.

Up to 60 percent of the prostitutes in Mali work as street prostitutes, with the remaining 40 percent working in brothels. There are reports that girls as young as 12 are working as street prostitutes in Mali.

Statistics show that children of prostitutes in the country have a 80 percent chance of ending up in the industry as well.

The price for a sex act with a prostitute in Mali is reported to be $2 (1000 CFA).

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Source: Katja Remane, “Preventing teenage prostitution in Mali,” Swissinfo, September 26, 2011.

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The Coalition Against Trafficking of Women and Children in Latin America and the Caribbean estimates that around 500,000 women and children are being forced to work in the sex trade in Mexico as the result of being victims of human trafficking. 

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Source: Associated Press, “2 of Mexico’s largest newspaper groups drop most sex ads amid anti-trafficking campaigns,” Washington Post, September 20, 2011.