Cigarette Smuggling

News, information and statistics about the illicit tobacco trade. Cigarette smuggling on the black market and other facts collected from tobacco companies, security agencies and other public information sources.

Cigarettes smuggling from Eastern Europe causes 100 Million Euros ($144 Million) in tax revenue losses in Ireland each year as an estimated 38 Million cigarettes are smuggled through the Dublin Airport each year.


1.6 million packets of contraband cigarettes were taken off the black market by authorities in Singapore in 2007.

1.2 million packs were seized in 2006, and 360,000 packs were seized in 2005.

Police report that an illegal tobacco pack can sell for $3 (US), while a legitimate pack with taxes included sells at retail stores for $7 (US).


In 2006, a contraband pack of cigarettes that was smuggled into Singapore to avoid taxes cost $3.15, compared to the $7 price for a legally bought pack.

The fine for purchasing one contraband pack was $127.

(All dollars in US value).


Hundred of millions of dollars are believed to be lost to counterfeit Cuban cigars annually.

Source: Doreen Hemlock, “Beware of cigar imposters” , South Florida Sun-Sentinel, April 9, 2006.