News, information and statistics about cocaine abuse and the trafficking of cocaine. Data about cocaine is collected from criminal justice public health programs, drug treatment centers, security agencies and other public information sources.

About 1,000 tons of pure cocaine is produced globally each year with 60 percent evading police and trafficked to  consumers.

Source:  Arthur Brice, “Latin American drug cartels find home in West Africa,” CNN, September 21, 2009.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) states that if marijuana, cocaine and opium was legalized and taxed, then the United States Government could receive up to $77 Billion a year.

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Source: Patrik Jonsson, “Is war on drugs worth it? Maybe not, new FBI data suggest,” Christian Science Monitor, September 15, 2009.

300 tons of cocaine was trafficked through the borders of Venezuela in 2008, according to the US.

Up to 40 percent of the cocaine from Colombia that is trafficked in Europe is believed that have passed through Venezuela.

260 tons of cocaine that was produced in the Andes was transported through Venezuela in 2007

Source:  Frank Jack Daniel, “Venezuela says radars slow Africa cocaine flights,” Reuters, September 8, 2009.


Although 90 percent of the world’s opium comes from Afghanistan, less than 2 percent of the world supply is seized in the country.

By contrast, the world’s largest cocaine producer, Colombia, seizes more than 20 percent of the world’s supply.

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Source:  United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, “Afghan opium production in significant decline,” September 2, 2009.

In 2008, the harvest of illegal coca production in Bolivia was estimated to be 75,000 acres.

The production of illegal coca was up 65 percent from previous years.

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Source:  Antonio Regalado, “Bolivia Plants Coca, and Cocaine Follows,” Wall Street Journal, August 18, 2009.

The following are facts provided by the Partnership for a Drug Free American regarding prescription drug abuse by teenagers in the United States.

  • 2,500 teenagers use some sort of prescription drug to get high for the first time every day.
  • More 12 and 17 year olds abuse prescription drugs than meth, ecstasy, crack/cocaine and heroin combined.
  • 60 percent of teens who abuse painkillers started their habit before the turned 15.

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Source: Partnership for a drug free America, “Not in My House”, website, accessed: August 18, 2009.

From 2007 to mid-2009, law enforcement in Mexico seized 65 tons of cocaine and more than 9.3 million pounds of marijuana off the black market.

In addition, 4,220 weapons were seized in 2006, and 9,500 weapons were seized in 2007.

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Source: Ginger Thompson and Marc Lacey, “Mexico Drug Fight Fuels Complaints,” New York Times, August 18, 2009.

90 percent of paper currency in the United States was found to have traces of cocaine on it, according to a study presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society.

The cities of Baltimore, Boston and Detroit lead the way with the most currency found with cocaine. In the world, China and Japan had the lowest rate, with only 20 percent and 18 percent of their currencies found with traces of cocaine.

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Source:  AFP, “Cocaine traces found in 90 percent of greenbacks,” Google News, August 17, 2009.

$10 Billion worth of cocaine is smuggled and trafficked through Guatemala from Colombia every year on its way to the United States.

10 percent of the funds from the drug trafficking is used as bribes to pay local officials.

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Source:  Mark Schneider, “Guatemala: the next to fall?,” GlobalPost, April 16, 2009.

3.2 million people in the United Kingdom used at least one illicit drug in 2008, according to the British Crime Survey.

Selected breakdown on the drug users in the UK:

974,000 people used Cocaine.

586,000 people used Ecstasy.

2.5 million people smoked Marijuana.

125,000 people used Ketamine.

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Source:  Alan Travis, “Home Office reports big rise in cocaine use as street price falls,” Guardian, July 23, 2009.