Counterfeit Drugs

Latest counterfeit drugs statistics and news about fake medicines. Data about the substandard pills are collected from public health officials, global organizations and other public information sources.

Counterfeit drugs and medicines are worth an estimated $650 Million in Mexico.

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In Russia, counterfeit drugs comprise of 3.5 percent to 12 percent of the total pharmaceutical drug market. Some experts believe it to be as high as 20 percent in the year 2005.

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Counterfeit drugs in Kenya is estimated to be wroth $130 Million.

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Up to 30 percent of the medicines and drugs sold in Africa are counterfeit.

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According to the International Policy Network, some drug products in China “have a counterfeit prevalence ranging between 50 and 85 percent.”


In the first part of 2007, Custom officials in Finland seized about 140,000 doses of counterfeit drugs.

Officials believe that a majority of the fake drugs are passed through Finland an on to the world black market.

Source: “Counterfeit medicines pass through Finland to world markets,” Helsingin Sanomat, June 14, 2007.