Counterfeit Electronics

News and statistics about fake technology products and fake electronic goods. Data about the counterfeit electronics are collected from criminal justice programs, security agencies, safety officials and other public information sources.

IT companies lose an estimated $100 million to counterfeit technology and electronic products each year.


Counterfeit phones and equipment caused losses of about $1.1 Billion to mobile phone maker Samsung in 2006.


The main source of counterfeit electrical equipment seized in the European Union came from Malaysia.



At any given time, 30 Cisco investigators around the world are working on 200 cases of counterfeiting, with China being the primary source of counterfeits.


One out of every ten information technology products sold worldwide may be a counterfeit, according to KPMG and the Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement.


Over a span of three years (2005 to 2008), United States authorities seized over $76 Million in counterfeit Cisco computer equipment parts in China.

Source: AFP, “US, Canada seize counterfeit Cisco hardware made in China,” Google News, February 28, 2008.