Counterfeit Pesticides

News and statistics about counterfeit pesticides.

Counterfeit pesticides sales in Indonesia cause companies to lose between $21 to $28 Million (15 to 20 Million Euros) each year.


Sales of counterfeit pesticides in South Africa create losses between $15,000 to $3 Million (0.1 Million to 20 Million South African Rand) each year to per company selling pesticides.


Counterfeit pesticides make up to 30 percent of the pesticide market in China and 25 percent of the total market in India.



Between 5 to 7 percent of Europe’s crop protection products such as pesticides are counterfeited.


Counterfeit pesticides in Europe generates sales of $735 Million a year.

Back in 2006, the losses to the pesticide industry was $650 Million a year.

(Latest counterfeiting statistics.)


90 percent of the counterfeit pesticides in Europe originated from China.

(More data about counterfeits in China.)


Counterfeit Pesticides are chemicals that are produced and sold without the authority of brand owners.

5 to 7 percent of the EU Crop protection market is counterfeit, leading to a rough estimate of $650 million market.