Elephant Poaching

News, information and statistics about elephant poaching. Facts about the killing of elephants for their ivory and the ivory trade is collected from wildlife charities, intelligence reports and other public criminal justice information.

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In the 1980s, poachers were getting $5 to $6 a kilo.

In the illegal trade in ivory, poaches earn up to $750 a kilo on the black market.

Source: Annie Mcilroy, “Genetic maps help unravel black market in ivory,” Globe and Mail, February 27, 2007.


According to a report by TRAFFIC, “Worldwide, the number of ivory seizures averages 92 cases a month – or three per day.”

Source: WWF, “Organized crime fuels illegal ivory surege in Africa,” Press Release, May 10, 2007(accessed: May 11, 2007).