1. Estonia $0.025 Billion ($25 Million)

  2. Black Market Crime in Estonia

Estonia Security Threats

Data and information about security threats from Estonia’s black market. Intelligence and security information collected from government agencies, news articles and other public data sources.

The Tax and Customs Board estimated that up to $282 Million (€220 Million) in Value-Added Tax (VAT) was evaded in Estonia in 2012. The amount of fraud represented 15 percent of all taxes collected by the government.

There are over 70,000 companies in Estonia that are liable to charge VAT, and the government has identified 12 percent, or 10,000 companies that have not properly paid their taxes.

In 2011, the amount of tax evaded was $296 Million (€231 Million), and $231 Million (€180 Million) in 2010.

Source:  “Value-Added Tax Evasion Estimated at €220 Million Last Year,” Estonia Public Broadcasting, March 28, 2013.

Along with the Czech Republic, Nordic countries have a high rate of addicts receiving drug treatment for use of amphetamines.

The Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and Finland have between 57 percent of 82 percent of all drug treatment residents being addicted to amphetamines, according to the United Nations.

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Source: “World Drug Report 2011,” United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, June 2011, page 133.