Fake Handbags

Information about fake handbags and fake purses for sale. Data about the counterfeit luxury goods are collected from fashion industry officials, luxury designer brands and other public information sources.

Handbag company Dooney & Bourke receives 60 fake purses a week  from people asking the company to repair the purse under warranty.

Source: Michelle Woo,”Cheap designer knockoffs come at a high price,” Arizona Republic, October 1, 2006.

In 2007, luxury brand Louis Vuitton conducted over 7,600 anti-counterfeiting raids and shut down more than 750 websites selling counterfeit Louis Vuitton products.


Fashion company Louis Vuitton reportedly spends $18.1 million each year in its anti-counterfeiting operations.  In 2007, it had forty attorneys on staff and contracted 250 outside private investigators to assist in preventing its brand from counterfeits.



The counterfeit luxury good that is copied the most in South Korea is Chanel, according to a government report.


The host of a counterfeit purse party receives up to 8 percent of all sales of the replica handbags sold at the person’s house.


Counterfeit Purses are products that are sold as brand items without the authority of the legitimate brand name owner.

One company estimates losses up to $70 million to replica and fake handbags.


At least 1 million replica handbags, purses and wallets are estimated to be manufactured in South Korea annually.


Reuters reported that “market vendors throughout Asia seem to agree that the best fake handbags are manufactured in South Korea.”

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A report in Time Magazine reported  that “a 40-ft. container filled with fake bags can turn a profit of $2 million to $4 million.”