Fake Shoes

Information about fake shoes and the manufacutring of counterfeit shoes around the world. Data about fake shoes for sale is collected from criminal justice information that is publicly released.

A pair of counterfeit Air Jordan shoes sells for $13 in a Shanghai market.

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Shoe maker New Balance spends $1 Million a year to battle counterfeit copies of its shoe.


The Counterfeit Shoes market is the selling of shoes under brand names without a license or the permission of the legitimate brand owner.

According to BusinessWeek Magazine, the annual estimated losses to the shoe industry from counterfeits is $12 billion.  Fake shoes are also the most counterfeited product entering the United States.

In Brazil alone, consumers spent $920 million on fake shoes.



Counterfeit shoes accounted for 41 percent of all seizures made in Fiscal Year 2006 by United States Immigration and Custom Agents.

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