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Human trafficking statistics and information. Facts about human trafficking are collected from various public information sources, such as security agencies, criminal justice programs, research organizations and news stories.

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Human trafficking in Russia has moved an estimated 500,000 to 850,000 women out of the country between 1995 and 2005.

Human Trafficking Expert Louis Shelley writes “many of these women, however, went abroad to work in a variety of difficult labor situations and only a much smaller share went directly into the sex industry.”

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300,000 children in Nigeria are victims of human trafficking as the are either given or sold by their parents to wealthier families in the country. The US State Department finds that many are forced to labor under difficult conditions and experience sexual abuse.


Security experts estimate that up to 7,000 women from Nepal are being bought and sold by human traffickers to work in the prostitution industry of India each year.

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Security officials and other anti-trafficking organizations estimate that up to 12,000 children in Nepal are victims of child trafficking each year.

The children, mainly girls, are primarily trafficked to supply the prostitution trade in Nepal or at brothels in India and other Southeast Asian countries.

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The main source of women working in the prostitution trade across Europe is reportedly Moldova, according to information released by the International Organization for Migration.

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Security officials and criminal justice programs estimates that up to 20,000 children are victims of child trafficking in Mexico each year.

The primarily reason that the children are trafficked is to supply bodies for the prostitution industry.

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Security experts and anti-trafficking organizations estimate that up to 100,000 foreign women are being brought into Japan each year by human traffickers.

Most of the women are forced to work in the prostitution industry in Japan.

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Based on intelligence from criminal justice programs and security agencies, the 2005 European Union Organised Crime Report states that human trafficking in Italy generates a profit of $400 Million to $1.25 Billion a year for the traffickers.

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Source: EUROPOL, ” 2005 EU Organised Crime Report,” October 25, 2005, pg.16

Intelligence analysts and security officials estimate that there were 5,000 victims of human trafficking in Italy in 2005.

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An investigation by a subcommittee on human trafficking in the Knesset found that 3,000 to 5,000 women were trafficked into Israel between the years 2001 and 2005 in order to work in the prostitution industry.

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