Buffaloes in India cost $350; children cost $45

According to Reuters in 2007, “traffickers are selling children in India for amounts that are often lower than the cost of animals and most of them end up working as laboreres or commercial sex workers.”

The article stated that buffaloes may cost up to $350, while child who are trafficked are sold between $12 and $45.

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Rise in Filipino Victims in Singapore between 2005 to 2007

59 human trafficking victims from the Philippines were identified in Singapore in 2005. In 2006, 125 human trafficking victims from the Philippines were recorded in Singapore.In 2007, human trafficking victims from the Philippines reached 212 victims in Singapore.

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Forced labor in the United States

According to a study by Free the Slaves and the Human Rights Center at the University of California Berkeley, an estimated 10,000 people are estimated to be working in forced labor conditions in the United States as a result of Human Trafficking. The study, Hidden Slaves: Forced Labor in the United States, further states that the victims have been trafficked from over 35 countries, led by China and followed by Mexico and Vietnam.

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