Human Trafficking Statistics

Human trafficking statistics and information. Facts about human trafficking are collected from various public information sources, such as security agencies, criminal justice programs, research organizations and news stories.

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There were 4,000 human trafficking victims identified in the United Kingdom in 2003.

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United Nations experts have stated that more than 60 percent of the human trafficking business was made in Africa, mostly south of the Sahara desert.


In 2006, the US Department of State stated that 600,000 to 800,000 humans were trafficked around the world.

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The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) produced a study in July 2006 questioning the manner in which the State Department calculated its human trafficking figure. The GAO stated that estimates are ” questionable” . In its Results in Brief section, the report states ” The accuracy of the estimates is in doubt because of methodological weaknesses, gaps in data, and numerical discrepancies.”


A report from Shared Hope International has found that in a single month more than 400 children were working as prostitutes in Las Vegas.

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Source: Associated Press, “Report labels Las Vegas a hub of child sexual trafficking,” Seattle Times, March 25, 2008.