Music Piracy

Information and statistics about music piracy and the unauthorized downloading of pirated music files. Data about the digital music files are collected from the entertainment industry and other public information sources.

2.6 million pirated music files are illegally downloaded each year in Mexico.


Around 5 million pirated movie and music discs were seized in Malaysia in 2006, with 780 people being arrested.


Various forms of movie piracy and music piracy is causes losses of up to 80 percent for the Indian entertainment industry in 2006.



Pirated music tracks consists of 99 percent of all digital music files in China in 2007.


Every year 1.8 billion music files are pirated in Brazil.


Music piracy in Bangladesh causes losses of $180 Million, according to the AFP.  Only 5 to 10 percent of the total music market consists of legitimate sales.


The IFPI states that the ratio of unlicensed digital tracks downloaded to licensed tracks is about 20 to 1.


In 2007, up to 9.3 million people used p2p services to download pirated music.


As of October 2007, the market in the illegal piracy of music was growing at a rate of 60 percent a year, and was ten times the size of the legal downloading services.


Bloomberg News reported that more than half of U.S. college students pirated music and movies in 2006. Collectively, college students accounted for 1.3 billion illegal downloads in 2006. Two thirds of their music were obtained thorough illegal piracy.