Vietnamese Rhino Horn Trafficking Arrests

In the first six months of 2012, there have been 43 arrests of Asian nationals for rhino horn trafficking in South Africa. 24 were from Vietnam.

Despite having a large black market in rhino horns, there have been zero seizures of rhino horns in the country since 2008.

In 2011, at least 443 rhinos were killed in South Africa.

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Number of rhinos killed in South Africa in 2011

A record 443 rhinos were killed for their horns in South Africa in 2011, an increase from the 333 killed in 2010. In the Kruger National Park alone, 244 rhinos were killed. Authorities killed 21 poachers and arrested 78 people in the area of the park during the year.Over 95 percent of the cases were believed to have involved poachers from neighboring Mozambique.

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