Thailand Security Threats

Data and information about security threats from Thailand’s black market. Intelligence data and security threat information collected from news articles and public data sources.

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80 percent of the residents of Bangkok purchase counterfeit and pirated goods.  Of the counterfeit goods buyers, 48.6 percent say that the cheaper price of the knockoff is a key factor in their purchase.

Source:  “Majority of Bangkokians opt for pirated goods: poll,” MCOT English News, August 13, 2009.

In 2003, the prostitution industry in Thailand generated $4.3 Billion in Revenue.

Source:  “Thailand mulls legal prostitution,” The Age, November 26, 2003.

Sanyo Electronics stated that back in 2003, the company seized over 3,000 counterfeit batteries in markets in Bangkok.

On a raid in 2009, the company seized 234 counterfeit batteries.

Source: “Crackdown on Counterfeit SANYO Batteries in Bangkok,” Press Release, June 30, 2009.


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime released the potential value of opium production for the following countries based on farm-gate prices.

Myanmar:  $123 Million.

Laos:  $11.8 Million.

Thailand: $5.6 Million.

(See additional heroin facts and statistics.)

Source: UNODC, “Opium Poppy Cultivation in South East Asia,” December 2008.

Intelligence agencies in Thailand estimated that up to $2.9 Billion of illegal proceeds from drug trafficking passes through financial institutions in Thailand each year through various money laundering methods and techniques.

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Source:  Irvin Lim Fang Jau and Douglas Tastad, “Global White Powder Keg: The Smoking Gun of Drug Money & Dirty Wars,”  Pointer: Journal of the Singapore Armed Forces, Jan-Mar 2002.

Gas smuggling activities bring in 100,000 liters of gas into Thailand every day from Malaysia.


In Thailand, a basic counterfeit passport is able to be created in 2 hours for $245. For a higher quality counterfeit passport, the price rises to $1,000 to $1,250.

(Additional prices of fake passports and fake id cards for sale on the black market.)


Around 1.5 Million illegal immigrants are living in Malaysia.

Those who are arrested are taken to the border of Thailand where they pay human smugglers $450 to be taken back into Malaysia.

Source: Seth Mydans, “Foreign workers face campaign of brutality in Malaysia,” New York Times, December 7, 2007.