Havocscope Black Market

Havocscope provides information and threat intelligence on the global black market. Due to the ability of transnational threats to cause financial losses and social harms, key statistics and data about the illegal economy is provided to help mitigate this risk. The information about the black market has been collected from government agencies, academic studies, media reports, and reported data from our sources.

  1. Market Risk RankingCountry Risk Ranking
  2. Prices From the Black MarketProfits from Illegal Business
  3. Reported DataMarket Value

Listed below is the ranking of market risk and economic impact from the global black market. The market risk values are estimates from various security agencies, intelligence reports, and other risk assessment programs. Click on the market value to see more source information.

In addition to black market values, we provide information on the prices of illicit goods. Click here for prices of the black market.

** Values for  Corruption, Money Laundering, and Organized Crime are not included in this index due to its overlapping nature.

The Black Market

  1. Counterfeit Drugs$200 Billion
  2. Prostitution$186 Billion
  3. Counterfeit Electronics$169 Billion
  4. Marijuana$141.80 Billion
  5. Illegal Gambling$140 Billion
  6. Cocaine$85 Billion
  7. Prescription Drug Abuse$72.5 Billion
  8. Heroin$68 Billion
  9. Software Piracy$63 Billion
  10. Cigarette Smuggling$50 Billion
  11. Counterfeit Foods$49 Billion
  12. Counterfeit Auto Parts$45 Billion
  13. Oil Theft$37.23 Billion
  14. Human Smuggling$35 Billion
  15. Counterfeit Toys$34 Billion
  16. Human Trafficking$32 Billion
  17. Illegal Logging$30 Billion
  18. Methamphetamine$28.25 Billion
  19. Illegal Fishing$23.50 Billion
  20. Wildlife Trafficking$19 Billion
  21. Ecstasy$16.07 Billion
  22. Music Piracy$12.15 Billion
  23. Fake Shoes$12 Billion
  24. Counterfeit Clothing$12 Billion
  25. Waste Dumping$11 Billion
  26. Art Theft$10 Billion
  27. Cable Piracy$8.5 Billion
  28. Video Game Piracy$8.1 Billion
  29. Counterfeit Sporting Goods$6.5 Billion
  30. Counterfeit Pesticides$5.8 Billion
  31. Alcohol Smuggling$5.0 Billion
  32. Mobile Entertainment Piracy$3.4 Billion
  33. Counterfeit Cosmetics$3.0 Billion
  34. Movie Piracy$2.5 Billion
  35. Metals and Minerals Smuggling$2.3 Billion
  36. Counterfeit Aircraft Parts$2 Billion
  37. Counterfeit Weapons$1.8 Billion
  38. Kidnap and Ransom$1.5 Billion
  39. International Adoptions$1.3 Billion
  40. Counterfeit Watches$1 Billion
  41. Arms Trafficking$1 Billion
  42. Fake Diploma$1 Billion
  43. Book Piracy$600 Million
  44. Nuclear Smuggling$100 Million
  45. Fake IDs$100 Million
  46. Counterfeit Money$81 Million
  47. Organ Trafficking$75 Million
  48. Counterfeit Purses$70 Million
  49. Counterfeit Lighters$42 Million
  50. Counterfeit Batteries$23 Million