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“A sort of Consumer Report for the underworld”

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In today’s interconnected world, black markets have the power to wreak havoc on all industries and across all regions. Whether denying needed tax revenues to governments, destabilizing societies or damaging the environment, the global black market impacts nearly everyone on a daily basis.

Despite billions of dollars spent combating the activities of the black market, little attention has been given to producing clear and useful data about those activities. When information and market statistics have been produced, they generally have been used as marketing tools designed to promote a certain agenda rather than to objectively describe the actual situation.

Havocscope addresses this need for accurate, unbiased data by providing a centralized location for all information about the black market. By collecting and analyzing hundreds of pieces of data every day, we provide only the highest quality of information to our global users.

“We have checked the sources provided by Havocscope and have found
that Havocscope accurately records the reported amounts.”

-“Economic Analysis of the Proposed CACP Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Initiative”
LECG in a report prepared for the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP)

Data listed within Havocscope’s website is collected from credible open-source documents such as newspapers, government reports and academic journals. The source for the figure is clearly listed on each data post. This allows users to see where the information has come from, judge the credibility of the source, and pursue further research if necessary.

Starting in September 2013, Havocscope has also started to collect User Submitted information. The ability to tap into its user base allows Havocscope to present prices and other first-hand accounts of the global black market. When using User Submitted Data, the information is clearly marked as such.

Along with our sourcing methods, Havocscope maintains a strict policy of neutrality when dealing with issues surrounding the black market. We do not advocate for any position or offer any type of policy recommendations. We do not consult, advise, investigate or provide any ideas on how to change the black market. We are not funded by government agencies, foundations, or industry associations.

(See more on our policy of neutrality and source documentation methods.)

With our transparent nature and strict source documentation, Havocscope has gained the trust of users around the world. Our data has been used in a wide range of publications such as Bloomberg News, National Geographic, The Atlantic Monthly, and TheStreet.com.

As the premier global provider of information on black market activities, the World Economic Forum used our data in its 2011 Global Risks Report to highlight the issue of illicit trade. In 2012, the Council on Foreign Relations utilized our research when researching the issue of transnational crime for their Global Governance Monitor Project.

All our data on the black market is available for free to the public for personal use. Ranking totals and other information collected by Havocscope may be cited, so long as Havocscope is properly sourced and credited with a link back to our website when applicable.

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