1. Belgium $0.252 Billion ($252 Million)

  2. Black Market Crime in Belgium

Belgium Security Threats

Data and information about security threats from Belgium’s black market. Security information collected from intelligence and security agencies, news articles and other public information sources.

Based on a scientific analysis of sewage waste water, the Belgian city of Antwerp had the most cocaine being discharged in Europe.

Belgium is the cheapest country in western Europe to buy cocaine, according to statistics released by the Global Drug Survey. Based on local intelligence, the cost to buy a gram of cocaine in Belgium is $68 (€50 ) per gram, roughly half the European average of cocaine.

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Security and intelligence agencies report that around 25 percent of all cocaine being trafficked from South America into Europe passes through the ports of Belgium Most of the cocaine passes through the port at Antwerp, where 2 percent of the 8 million containers are screened by security officers.

The United States Department of State estimates that up to 20 tonnes of cocaine passes through the port each year, while other intelligence estimates place it at 30 tonnes.

In 2013, computer hackers were found to have been hacking the port’s IT systems in order to transport cocaine and avoiding searches.

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Source:  Jamie Doward, “Welcome to ‘boring’ Belgium where even the pigeons are on cocaine,” Guardian / Observer, May 31, 2014.

The top ecstasy trafficking countries in the world are Canada, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Source:  Ian Austin, “Report Cites Major Sales of Ecstasy,” New York Times, August 23, 2008.