1. Montenegro $0.007 Billion ($7 Million)

  2. Black Market Crime in Montenegro

Montenegro Security Threats

Data and information about security threats from Montenegro’s black market. Intelligence and security information collected from government agencies, news articles and other public data sources.

Around 120,000 women and children are trafficked in the Balkan countries of Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia each year, according to the International Organisation of Migration. The victims of human trafficking work in the prostitution industry, forced into arraigned marriages, work as slaves in houses and agriculture fields, while the children are forced to be beggars on the streets.

The Red Cross states that people who are already in at-risks populations are targets of human trafficking in the region. This includes refugees in camps, children without parents and people facing economic challenges.

(Victims of human traffickers and their prices.)

Source:  Ivana Jovanovic, “Balkan countries join effort in battle against human trafficking,” SETimes, November 15, 2012.

Police in Montenegro estimate that there are up to 35 organized crime groups operating within the country in 2011.

The country is a hotbed of black market trafficking activity due to its location in the Balkans and access to the water.

Source: “35 crime rings active in Montenegro,” Ekonom:east Media Group, October 11, 2011.