Prices Charged by Human Smugglers

Human smuggling prices and fees are based upon publicly available information and is quoted in U.S. Dollars. The figures are taken from arrest records, criminal court cases, lawyer statements, police reports and other law enforcement publications. Click on the country name for additional market data regarding that country. Click on the dollar figure for the source information.


  1. Afghanistan$25,000 to London / $700 to Iran
  2. Australia$10,000 from Asia
  3. Bangladesh$10,000 to Brazil
  4. Bangladesh$10,000 to Brazil
  5. Bangladesh$10,000 to Brazil
  6. Brazil$16,000 to USA
  7. China$50,000 to USA / $41,800 to UK
  8. Cuba$10,000 to USA
  9. Guatemala$7,000 to USA
  10. Haiti$1,000 to $1,500 to Puerto Rico
  11. India$277,000 to UK / $60,000 to US
  12. Iran$23,315 to the EU
  13. Iraq$10,500 to United Kingdom
  14. Israel$1,500 from Africa
  15. Laos$190 to Thailand
  16. Mexico$4,000 to USA / $9,000 to USA by boat
  17. Morocco$24,000 to Europe
  18. North Korea$6,000 to South Korea
  19. Pakistan$22,000 to the United States
  20. Romania$10,000 to $30,000 to Canada
  21. Saudi Arabia$156.50 to Mecca
  22. Somalia$10,000 to USA
  23. Thailand$21,000 to Japan
  24. United Kingdom$2,373 to France
  25. Vietnam$28,500 to Europe