Prostitution Statistics: Latest Facts About Prostitution

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  1. Prostitution Revenue Worldwide $186.00 Billion

Prostitution Statistics

Prostitution statistics, news and other information about the global sex trade. Facts about prostitution listed below is collected from security agencies, government reports and other public information sources.

Government officials in the Netherlands reported that the legalized trade of drugs and prostitution in Amsterdam and across the country contributes $3.4 Billion (€2.5 Billion) to the national economy. The two industries contribute to 0.4 percent of the Netherlands GDP.

Statistics Netherlands stated that most of the consumption of the services is domestic and takes place in the marijuana coffee shops and brothels.

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A BBC report stated that many women in their 50s, 60s and 70s in South Korea are offering sexual services to elderly men in order to survive. The women gather in Jongmyo Park in Seoul where they offer Bacchus energy drinks for sale. Retired men who gather in the park purchase the energy drink and then bring the woman to a nearby motel.

According to one customer interviewed by the BBC, the price for sex with the women costs between $19 to $29 (20,000 to 30,000 South Korean Won.)

About 400 women work as prostitutes in the park. A social worker who interviewed the women stated that one women started working as a prostitute at age 68. Most of the women are experiencing financial difficulties.

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Source:  Lucy Williamson, “The Korean grandmothers who sell sex,” BBC News, June 9, 2014.

According to a report by Vice News, male prostitution is active on the Paseo de la Reforma avenue in Mexico City, Mexico. Within a five block stretch, about 120 men sell their services on the black market.

Based on interviews with the men, the price for sexual services is on average around $40 for 40 minuets of service. The ages of the men range from 17 years old to 35 years old. Most of the customers are gay men who in many cases have not publicly come out of the closet. Many are married with children.

Based on prostitution statistics released by the National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, 73.2 percent of male prostitutes in Mexico are hired by men and serve around 4 customers per week. For every 30 male prostitutes, 7 offer their services to women as well.

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Source:  Norma Ponce, “Mexico City’s Male Hustlers: Inside the Rough Lives of the ‘Good Vibe Guys’,” Vice News, June 1, 2014.


According to data released by the Office for National Statistics, the prostitution market in the United Kingdom is worth $8.8 Billion, and the illegal drugs market in the UK is worth $7.3 Billion.

The ONS calculates that there are  58,000 prostitutes working across the entire United Kingdom.

(Number of prostitutes in the world.)

The two activities contribute to just under 1 percent of the total economic output of the UK.

Source:  “National Accounts Articles – Impact of ESA95 Changes on Current Price GDP Estimates,” Office for National Statistics, May 29, 2014, page 4.

Source:  Joshua Abramsky & Steve Drew, “Changes to National Accounts:  Inclusion of Illegal Drugs and Prostitution in the  UK National Accounts,” Office for National Statistics, May 29, 2014, page 19.

A sworn affidavit by a special agent with Homeland Security stated that gangs in Boston, Massachusetts are turning away from drug dealing and are increasing its activities in the human trafficking and prostitution markets due to its profitability.

Several experts interviewed by the Boston Herald stated that prostitution is currently the number one way for gangs to make money, surpassing drug trafficking and drug sales.

According to Homeland Security, gangs in the Boston area force girls to service clients as prostitutes and impose daily quotas of $200 to $1,000. These women who are forced to work as prostitutes are able to continually make money for the traffickers, as opposed to a one time sale for drugs.

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The rise in human trafficking and prostitution activities has increased in Massachusetts are the enforcement of prostitution offenses has declined. Back in 1995, there were 2,835 arrests across Massachusetts for prostitution related crimes. In 2012, the number of arrests had fallen to 944.

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Source:  Bob McGovern, “Feds: Flesh funding gangs,” Boston Herald, May24, 2014.

According to statistics released by security agencies in Switzerland, there were 61 cases of human trafficking reported in the country in 2013. Most of the trafficking cases dealt with sexual exploitation.

The number of cases reported was lower than the 78 human trafficking cases reported in 2012. In 2012, statistics showed that people from Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Thailand were the main countries of origins for human trafficking in Switzerland.

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, with an estimated 20,000 prostitutes working in the trade. 14,000 prostitutes are properly registered with the government.

The legal sex trade in Switzerland generates an estimated $3.5 Billion (3.2 Billion Swiss Francs).

(Prostitution revenue by country.)

Source:  Clare O’Dea, “Concerns raised about trafficking in sex industry,” Swissinfo, May 21, 2014.

There are an estimated 3,200 prostitutes working in Denmark, according to estimates by security officials and researchers. Nearly half of the prostitutes are immigrants to the country.

(Number of prostitutes by country.)

Between 260,000 and 285,000 men in Denmark have admitted in surveys to have used the services of prostitutes. This corresponds to 15.5 percent of the population, or nearly one out of every six men in Denmark have paid for sex. According to surveys, the average man first visited a prostitute before he turns 25 years old. 30 percent of men have said they only visited a prostitute once, while 9 percent of paying customers say that they have visited prostitutes over 50 times.

85 percent of women who are working as prostitutes in Denmark state that they entered the sex industry due to financial and economic reasons. 18 percent said that they have been victims of physical violence from their customers at least once during the past year.

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Source:  Ray Weaver, “One out of six Danish men have paid for sex,” Copenhagen Post, May 12, 2014.

According to user submitted data to Havocscope, the cost to hire a prostitute at the strip club Black in Buenos Aires, Argentina costs over $300.

Based on the information submitted, the entry fee to enter the club is $30. While in the club, the cost to buy a drink for the women costs $100. Once a woman is selected, the customer pays the woman up to $200 for 3 hours to be spent at a hotel room.

In comparison, the price to have sex with a prostitute at a common brothel in Argentina is $50 for 30 minuets.

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Source:  User Submitted Data, May , 2014.

An Air France executive was arrested was running a prostitution ring in France.

The executive would bring in girls from Brazil into France while claiming that the girls were family members. By claiming that the girls were related to him, the executive was able to fly them to France at the family-member discount rate of $207 (€150).

While in France, the girls were kept at various apartments located near the Louvre and other Paris neighborhoods. The girls would be forced to service up to 5 men a day at a rate of $207 (€150) per client.

In total, security officials state that the man made up to $2.7 Million (€2 Million) a year.

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Source:  Rory Mulholland, “Air France executive and wife ‘ran £2m prostitution ring through airline’,” Telegraph, April 28, 2014.

Media reports from Japan state that a woman working at a hostess club in the high-end entertainment city of Ginza, Japan, can make over $19,500 (2 Million Japanese Yen) a month. A top hostess who is able to bring in numerous high- spending customers is able to earn up to $97,000 (10 Million Yen) a month in bonuses.

There are about 2,000 bars and clubs in the Ginza district.

Many of the companies that operate hostess bars in Japan have been accused by security officials of tax evasion activities. Financial authorities in April 2014 brought charges to 5 clubs that were accused of not paying $1.7 Million (175 Million Yen) in income tax.

(Earnings of various jobs on the black market.)

Source:  Yomimuri Shimbun, “Ginza club ‘mama’ suspected of ¥175 mil. tax evasion,” Japan News, April 25, 2014.