Orangutan for Sale by Wildlife Traffickers

Wildlife protection groups have reported that various wildlife are being taken from Indonesia and sold on the international black market. According to ProFauna, a baby orangutan for sale on the black market can cost up to $45,000.

In addition to orangutans, other animals taken from Indonesia and available for sale to buyers are tigers, sun bears, parrots and cockatoos. The animals are either bought to be kept as pets, or are killed for their meat. In order to get to the baby animals, poachers often are forced to kill the mother to separate the baby.

In order to bring baby orangutans for sale on the black market, traffickers inject tranquilizing drugs into the baby. The baby orangutan is then stuffed into a small cardboard box and disguised as clothing. Due to this method of smuggling, many baby orangutans die during transport.

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Source:  Diana Wright, “Domestic black market for endangered wildlife thrives in Indonesia,” Mongabay.com, September 18, 2005.

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