Prices of the firearms, guns and other weapons are collected from various publicly available sources. The sale price of the weapon is quoted in US dollars. Click on the price of the firearm for the original post and source information.

Additional prices and information

  • Arms Trafficking
  • Black Market Prices
    1. Afghanistan$1,500
    2. Afghanistan-Kabul$1,500 for US issued Night Vision Googles
    3. Australia$15,493 in Sydney
    4. Average price of AK-47 worldwide$534
    5. Canada$2,000 for handgun, $600 to rent
    6. Europe$400 to $900 for Rocket Launchers and AK-47s
    7. Iraq$800, with Osama Bin Laden’s favorite model for $2,000
    8. Iraq-Bullets$0.15 to $0.45 per bullet
    9. Iraq-Rocket Launcher$100, $50 per grenade
    10. Mexico-AK-47$1,400 on US border/$3,000 in South
    11. Mexico-Gernade$100 to $500 for M67 Grenade
    12. Niger Delta-AK-47$75
    13. Philippines$120 for .22 Caliber Magnum Black Widow
    14. Profit in the U.S.$500 for selling AK-47 to Drug Cartels
    15. Somalia$400 for Russian AK-47, $600 for North Korean AK-47
    16. Sudan$86 for AK-47, $33 for child
    17. Syria$2,100 for AK-47, $2,000 for RPG
    18. Thailand$2,600 for gun
    19. United States$400 in California’s black market
    20. United States-Small Pistol$20 to $100 in Dallas, TX
    21. United States – Straw PurchaserUp to $500 per gun

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