Examples of Bribery

The examples of bribery and the amount paid in bribes is based upon publicly available information and quoted in US Dollars. The bribe examples have been is collected from police reports, anti-corruption agencies, international organizations and media reports. Click on the figure to see the original source.

The examples of bribes and the amount paid to bribe someone is based upon publicly available information. The cases of bribing have been is collected from police reports, anti-corruption agencies, international organizations and media reports. Click on the bribes to see the original source.

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Click on the bribes to see the original source. All bribe money and extortion payments are listed in US Dollars.

  1. Afghanistan – Election Bribes$1 to $18 per vote
  2. Afghanistan – Police Bribe$100,000 to be Police Chief
  3. Afghanistan Average Bribe Amount$214 in 2012
  4. Africa – Bribe Payments of Govt Officials$20 to $40 Billion
  5. Amount of Bribes Paid Worldwide$1 Trillion per year
  6. Bangladesh – Bribes Paid per Household$86
  7. Businesses – Rise in Market Value from Bribes$11 for $1 in bribe
  8. Cambodia – Bribes for Fishing Permit$50
  9. Cambodia – Bribes to Operate Fake License Shop$2.50 per day
  10. Cambodia – Citizens Paying Bribes to Receive Services72%
  11. China – Bribe to become a City Assemblyman$44,000
  12. China – Bribes to Education Officials$10,000 for School Admission
  13. China – Bribes to Rail Ministry$14,897 for job as Train Attendant
  14. China – Impact of Bribes on Drug Prices20%
  15. Companies Asked to Pay Bribes Worldwide28%
  16. Croatia – Average Bribe Payment$300
  17. Czech Republic Average Bribe Amount$248 to $497
  18. Education Corruption1 in 6 students pay bribes
  19. Greece- Bribes Paid by Families$2,500 to Public Officials
  20. Guatemala – Bribes from Drug Traffickers$2,500 to Public Officials
  21. Haiti – Bribe to Border Official for Human Trafficker$400 per immigrant
  22. Illegal Loggers$25,000 to $50,000 in bribes for permits
  23. India – Bribe to Sell DVDs$0.18 to Police
  24. India – Bribes to Police to Sell Water$0.18 to Police
  25. India – Families Paying Bribes4 million families
  26. Indonesia – Bribe to Chief Justice$250,000
  27. Indonesia – Bribe to Oil Regulator$600,000
  28. Indonesia – Bribes to Prison Guard$500 to use cell phone
  29. Indonesia – Businesses Paying Bribes60%
  30. Iraq – Bribes to Prison Guards$100 to Take a Single Shower
  31. Ivory Coast – Bribes at Traffic Checkpoints$300 Million
  32. Kenya – Bribes to Customs and Port Officials$5,797 per shipment
  33. Kenya -Average Bribes Paid Per Month16
  34. Mexico – Amount of Bribes Paid$2.75 Billion in 2010
  35. Mexico – Average Bribe Paid$14
  36. Mexico – Bribes Collected by Police65% less than $6,000
  37. Mexico – Bribes Paid by Drug Cartel to Police$1.2 Billion Per Year
  38. Mexico – Sinaloa Cartel Boss to Escape Prison$2.5 Million
  39. Nigeria – Bribes Accepted by Government Workers$3.2 Billion
  40. Nigeria – Bribes Paid by Shell$2 Million in bribes, $14 Million in profit
  41. North Korea – Bribes to Border Guard by Defector$6,000
  42. North Korea – Bribes to Inspectors$2,000 per visit

  43. Pakistan – Bribe to Police from Artifact Smuggler$10.62 per day of digging
  44. Pakistan – Bribes Paid by Smugglers$1,200 to Police Chiefs
  45. Peru – Bribe to Stop Logging Investigation$5,000
  46. Romania – Bribe to Receive Brain Surgery$6,500
  47. Romania – Bribes Paid Per Day$1 Million
  48. Romania – Bribes to Hospital For Employment$40,000
  49. Russia – Average Bribe Paid$189
  50. Russia – Bribes to Forest OfficialsCases of Vodka
  51. Russia – Business Bribe$10,000
  52. Russia – Education Admission Bribes$1 Billion
  53. Russian -Amount of Bribes Paid$5.9 Billion in 2010
  54. South AfricaTraffic Police Ask for Most Bribes
  55. Thailand – Bribes to Police to Allow Human Smuggling$160 per migrant
  56. Thailand – Kickback and Bribes to Officials25-35% of project value
  57. Thailand -Impact of Bribes on Economy$3.3 Billion
  58. Ukraine – Bribes to Police$1,000 from brothel owners
  59. United Kingdom – People who Paid Bribes1 in 20
  60. United States – Bribe to Border Agent$15,000
  61. United States – Bribes to Prison Guard$5,000 to pass meth
  62. United States – Bribes to TSA Screener$2,400 for each suitcase
  63. United States – Corruption At Workplace60% believe common
  64. Vietnam – Bribes to Forest Official$2,300
  65. Vietnam – Impact of Bribes on Drug Prices 40 – 60%