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Join us in creating a clearer picture of the black market.

We are fully aware that there are many issues surrounding the data that we have listed in our database. As we have mentioned, we will never be able to say with 100 percent certainty that the numbers we display regarding the black market are accurate. However, we can do better than what is currently out there. And the way to do that is to collect data from as many different sources as possible.

If you have information about the global black market that you would like to share with us, please use the form below. All submissions are anonymous. However, please note that the information that you provide may be used in our public database.

Havocscope is only requesting information and data on this page. Do not include illicit materials in this form. If you would like to report actual criminal activities, contact your local law enforcement agency.

If you are submitting information about prices, please see these examples below to see how we use the data that is submitted and the type of information that is useful to our users.

Example 1: Black Tar Heroin in Stanislaus County.

Example 2: Price of Escorts in Kuwait.

Example 3: Street Price of Marijuana in Minneapolis.

See all User Submitted Data and Information to Havocscope.

To contact Havocscope for general inquiries, please visit our Contact Page.

If you would like to use PGP encryption, our public key is located here.


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