Child Prostitution

There are an estimated 200,000 prostitutes working in Bangladesh.

In 2004, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimated that 10,000 underage girls were working as prostitutes in Bangladesh. Other estimates about the girls working in the sex industry placed the number at 29,000. Many of the girls working in the sex industry are victims of human trafficking and their families were paid $250 by traffickers.

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90 percent of the prostitutes in Bangladesh take a steroid in order to appear older and to assist them in having sex with more clients each day. The steroid, called oradexon, is usually used by farmers to fatten up their livestock.

Sex customers in Bangladesh pay 60 cents for each visit, while the young girls pay 16 cents for the steroid.

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Source:  “Bangladeshi sex workers take steroids to snag clients,” Deutsche Welle, February 28, 2014.

Gangs operating in the Colombian city of Medellin manage an underage human trafficking syndicate where the virginity of a child is auctioned off to the highest bidder.

According to investigations conducted by a non-governmental organization, gang members recruit girls as young as ten to be a part of their organization. Although some girls are passed around by the gang members, some are offered up as virgins to international sex tourists who visit Colombia.

In an interview with Insight Crime, the researcher stated that gangs run online auctions where virgin girls are offered for sale to the highest bidder. Each online customer is issued a secret PIN number to access the site. Once logged in, the customer is able to view up to 60 girls that are available for purchase. Customers have bid up to $2,600 on the website. Once the auction is completed, the site is taken down and all pictures of the girls are destroyed.

In addition to the auctions, there has also been reports that virgin girls are offered by human traffickers to Colombian’s drug cartels and paramilitary officers. Once the head official and other officers or cartel members are done with the girl, she is sent away to become a street prostitute.

Many of the young girls who end up in these auctions disappear from society. According to the Mayor’s office, nearly 600 children have disappeared in 2013, with a majority of the children missing being girls. Data from various criminal justice departments state that the number of children missing has been increasing each year.

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Source:  James Bargent, “Children, Sex and Gangs in Medellin,” Insight Crime, December 16, 2013.

A human trafficker told Time Magazine that he would purchase underage daughters directly from mothers in Brazil for $5,000 to $10,000. The trafficker stated that he primarily targeted girls in the municipality of Recife due to its poverty levels.

Once in the possession of the trafficker, the underage girl would work in the prostitution industry in Sao Paulo. The customer would pay $60 for sex with the girl. The pimp and the girl would then split the money, but then expenses for clothes, drugs and cosmetics would then be deducted. In the end, the girl receives roughly 25 percent of the amount that the customer paid.

70 to 80 percent of the customers were foreign tourists.

There are an estimated 500,000 children working as prostitutes across Brazil.

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Source:  Girish Gupta and Olivia Crellin, “Brazil’s World Cup Raises Fear of Rampant Child Prostitution,” Time, December 12, 2013.


A mother in Cambodia told CNN in an interview that she sold her virgin daughter to a human trafficker for $500. Prior to sale, the mother took the child to a doctor and had her examined to ensure that the hymen  was still intact. After the examination, the doctor issued a “certificate of virginity” that was presented at the time of sale.

Another child in Cambodia who was sold by her mother stated to CNN that her mother received $800 after being delivered to a man at a hotel room in Phnom Phen. She also was taken to a hospital and issued a certificate.

In both cases, the families had emergencies that lead them to selling their daughter. In the first case, the father of the family had medical issues surrounding tuberculosis that prevented him from working. In order to help ends meet, the family took out a $200 loan from a loan shark. The debt quickly ballooned to over $9,000. Seeing no other options, the mother decided to sell her daughter’s virginity. In the interview, the mother feels regret and said that she would not choose that path again if given a chance.

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In the second instance, a storm damaged the house and fish farm of the family and thus eliminated their source of income. Unable to eat, the family also took out a loan from a loan shark that quickly ballooned to $6,000. After the money lenders visited their house and threatened the family, the mother decided to sell her child’s virginity when she was approached by a woman.

In order to understand the scope of the debt facing the families, half of Cambodia’s population lives on less than $2 per day.

UNICEF estimates that there are 40,000 to 100,000 people working in Cambodia’s sex industry, with about a third of them being children.

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Source:  Tim Hume, Lisa Cohen and Mira Sorvino, “The women who sold their daughters into sex slavery,” CNN, December 10, 2013.

The National Forum for the Prevention of Child Labor estimates that there were around 500,000 child prostitutes across Brazil in 2012.

The number of children in the sex industry has continually grown in Brazil. In 2001, there were 100,000 children working as prostitutes. In 2010, there were 250,000 children.

In an interview with a former child prostitute, the 16 year old girl told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that she was making about $18 a night catering to local customers. Eventually, she began targeting nightclubs and foreign tourists, where her nightly earnings increased to $90 per night.

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While being interviewed at a shelter for children escaping the sex trade, the girl stated that she once purchased a fake id for $212 (500 Brazilian Reais) when a foreign tourist promised to take her to Europe.

Source:  Adriana Brasileiro, “Brazil’s child sex trade thrives as World Cup looms,” Thomson Reuters Foundation, December 3, 2013.

A report in the British publication Daily Mail interviewed children who were prostituting themselves along the BR-116 highway in Brazil.

An 11 year old girl stated that truckers and other men pick her up on the side of the road and pay her $10 (25 Brazilian Real) for sex. There were previous reports by the BBC that stated the men pay children $5.50 for sex.

According to criminal justice agencies in Brazil, there are 262 places identified along the highway that connects San Paulo and Fortaleza that is a hub for the child sex trade. Based on the distance of the highway, every ten miles of highway will have a child selling sex on the side of the streets.

It was previously estimated that up to 250,000 children are working as prostitutes in Brazil.

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Source:  Jill Riley, “The child sex slaves of Brazil’s Highway From Hell: Horrifying story of how girls as young as NINE are forced to sell themselves for just £8 a time,” Daily Mail, November 12, 2013.

According to the National Commission for Child Protection, there have been 21 girls between the ages of 14 to 16 who have been caught pimping out other girls in Indonesia in 2013.

One 17 year old girl told the Associated Press that she started pimping girls at the age of 14. At the peak of her operation, she had nearly 30 girls working for her as prostitutes. The girl was making up to $3,000 a month as a pimp. In one transaction, a client paid nearly $2,000, a BlackBerry and a motorcycle in order to have sex with a girl who was a virgin. The child pimp made $500 from that transaction.

In a separate case, a 15 year old girl who was employing 10 prostitutes was collecting 25 percent of the $50 to $150 per transaction that men were paying her workers. The girls who were working as prostitutes was the child pimps classmates and Facebook friends.

The International Labor Organization estimates that there are between 40,000 to 70,000 children who are sexually exploited in Indonesia each year.

Source:  Associated Press, “‘The money was too strong to resist’: Indonesian kids pimp out other kids for sex,” NBC News, October 30, 2013.

A mother in Colombia was arrested for selling the virginity of her 12 daughters to men who paid $200.

The 45 year old mother reportedly contacted men each time one of her daughters turned 12. She would have the men pay $200, and then force the girl to continue working as a prostitute in order to help the family pay its bills.

Source:  “Margarita de Jesus Zapata Moreno accused of selling virginities of 12 daughters for $200 each,” News.Com.Au, October 25, 2013.

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The Justice Minister of Cuba reported that the government convicted 224 people for pimping activities in 2012. Seven individuals were also arrested for abusing minors.

It was previously reported by media outlets that many tourists, particularly from Canada and Spain, travel to Cuba in order to have sex with underage children.

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Source:  Juan O. Tamayo, “Cuba’s Justice Minister says the government fights prostitution,” Miami Herald, October 16, 2013.

In 2012, the National Police Agency in Japan investigated nearly 6,800 reports of underage prostitution in the country.

Security officials state that the number of transactions conducted online has increased over the past three years.

Source:  “NPA to launch nationwide protection scheme for underage girls offering sex for cash online,” Japan Today, October 12, 2013.